Final Project Proposal

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

During this semester, we have explored many different forms of the Vampire.  However, through many of the novels that we have read, there contains a sexual connotation from drinking the blood of another. The exchange of fluids, if you will.  We see this in great amounts in Dracula and in Interview With The Vampire, so these will be the two novels that I will be focusing on.  This also goes along with popular culture and why we, as a society, find vampires so alluring and sensual.  For my final project, I'm going to write a critical paper exploring these things.


slarson said...

Ifind your idea really interesting. In all vampire novels many things change except one. The one thing that doesn't change is the idea of exchanging fluids. I think you picked two great novels. If you wanted to add a third, I think that Carmilla would be interesting to include as well. In that novel the exchange of fluids was the main focus.

Emily Zettle said...

I agree, you can use Carmilla for examples as well though there are plenty in both Interview and Dracula. In the very beginning of Interview with the Vampire, on page 20 and 28-9 focus on the sensuality of drinking blood. Also on page 32 Louis explains drinking blood and the first kill as kind of like falling in love.

Colleen said...

I like this idea a lot, and you might want to think in general what "blood" has come to signify in these novels. In some novels, the fear of "contamination" has been read as a fear of the Other, a fear of queer sexuality, or a fear of the breakdown of categorical and empirical knowledge. I agree with you that the allure of vampires is in part the way in which they "safely" display a kind of primal sexuality, but I think it's important to explore who is drinking whose blood and how the drinking of blood may be a sort euphemism for queer sexuality.

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