Course Review

Friday, December 17, 2010

I have understood the depth of blood drinking and what it represents.  Before this class, I saw it as only a method for the vampires to continue to live.  A necessary evil.  After this class, I now see how it can be taken in a more sensual manner.  Another thing I learned is the fact that ‘normal’ humans react so strongly to them in novels because they are different.  They are seen as threatening and people seek to destroy them, even if they are not really evil.  (An example would be Louis.  He is not evil, as he feels guilt over every kill he has to perform). 
I have developed a deeper appreciation for novels.  After having to analyze novels for this class, it is kind of impossible not to.  I think from now on I will always look deeper than the surface when reading novels, and try to figure out the underlying themes of the books.  I have definitely evolved me as a reader because of this.   I think I have also evolved as a writer during this course because of the fact that everyone has access to read what I write, so that pushes me to write better than I otherwise might have.
The novel that had the greatest effect of me was Interview with the Vampire.  It showed a different side to vampires.  Instead of previous novels where vampires were observed by the narrator, this novel actually put you in the shoes of the vampire.  You see what they are actually feeling, and how guilty Louis feels about his whole situation.  It’s a different aspect that what you normally get from vampire novels.
I actually really enjoyed the blog form of this class.  I was iffy about it in the beginning, but I came to like having my own blog in a neat little website.  It’s preferable to me than having everyone’s posts all mixed together.  And I like that you can pick and choose which classmate you want to respond to. 
Some posters that stuck out to me are Emily and Andrew.  I felt their posts were always very well thought out and introduced new ideas to the reading that I had not previously thought of.  I enjoyed reading their posts because it made me think, instead of telling me something I already knew.


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